Consultation, planning and conception of YOUR EXHAUST AND EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY.


Evaluation and definition of optimisation measures for existing plants

Air and safety assessment of existing plants (also metrological) incl. advice on possible optimisation and expansion measures.

Concept / design planning of new facilities and conversion measures

Demand-oriented conception and ventilation design taking into account all relevant standards, laws and directives on occupational safety and environmental protection. Special consideration of high energy and resource efficiency as well as fire and explosion protection (ATEX & VDI 2263 B6).

Development, innovation and piloting of new technologies

Support, advice on technical innovation and development. Integration of new and innovative separation technologies; process engineering design and evaluation; support of commissioning and operation - also metrologically.

Creating technical specifications

From the analysis and collection of relevant process requirements to the preparation of tenderable specifications in German and/or English.

Technical advice and project support

Support in project development and implementation.

Energy efficiency advice and BAFA funding applications

With our BAFA approval (consultant no. 251306), it is not only possible to carry out a comprehensive and comparative assessment of the expected life cycle costs, but also to apply directly for BAFA funding according to module 4 (or 1 or 5) with up to 30% (non-SMEs) or even 40% (SMEs) of the total investment.

Design drawings and flow simulation

Creation of 3D models and 2D derivations. CFD flow simulations for the targeted design of collection elements, or investigation of the exhaust/supply air routing in factory halls according to VDI 3802.

Training and development

Tailor-made training courses for employees in the field of industrial exhaust air technology, occupational health and safety and environmental protection legislation, explosion and fire protection of filter systems.


The recording of spatial geometry, machine dimensions and interference contours by means of 3D laser scanning provides a precise database. This means that the 3D CAD model of the plant can be planned directly in the existing space. Flow simulations can also be realised directly in the real geometry.

Our core competence is planning, design and consulting in the areas of process exhaust air and energy efficiency.
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